In partnership with Ade Jembe Fola, we now offer in-school and after-school programming in a variety of subjects. We are currently offering courses of study in Traditional West African Drumming and Dance, Martial Arts, Chess, Business & Finance and Computer Science.At Ade Jembe Fola we know that the children are our future. All of our educational programming is designed to challenge and strengthen young minds. Our smaller class sizes also provide students with the opportunity for individualized mentoring.  Learn More

(Ages 13+)

Starting April 2018, we will be teaching a mature group of students THE LANGUAGE OF THE WEALTHY, FOREX. During this 5 week program your child will engage with other students to learn from industry leaders.  He or she will be constantly empowered to learn and grow through creative adventures, targeted activities and hands-on trading experience. By the end of the course your child will have working knowledge of how to read investment charts, a personal demo account, better business sense and a higher financial IQ. Register Now

Homeschool co-op
(all Ages)

Looking for new ways to excite your child about learning? We can help. Joining our homeschool co-op in Rochester, NY allows your child to engage with others in a fun and meaningful way while you catch a much needed break!

Marvelous Mind Academy

"our greatest responsibility is to our future; it is our mission to

leave the world better than we found it."