Programs That Work


Educational Co-op for Exploratory Learning


The ECEL Program is great for teachers, nannies, daycares, homeschool families and anyone who wants to help their students gain real world experience from real world experts.  Through partnerships with the world's most impactful leaders, such as Wegmans, The Rochester Institute Of Technology, and Apple, the ECEL Program successfully prepares students for the ever changing workforce.  With ECEL, the world is our classroom and our most effective teacher is experience.

With ECEL you can:
Customize your child's learning experience
Find phenomenal opportunities to network with other educational change agents.
Give students the hands-on experience they need to attain and maintain their edge as leaders.

Check our calendar to see where we're going next.

Marvelous Mind Academy


FOREX Summer Learning Program

FSLP is a 5 week program that helps middle school and high school students avoid brain drain.  During FSLP, we teach students how to work in the foreign exchange market.  Through targeted activities, students learn how to read and plot charts,
improve math skills and gain a better understanding of world history. 

FSLP students will:
Learn key problem solving techniques.

Learn different FOREX trading strategies

Be challenged to surpass his or her own personal best.

Not sure what is FOREX?  Learn about it on Baby Pips.

Now that you have chosen just the right program to meet your child's learning objectives,

Go to step 3: CREATE custom learning experiences.

Once you register, you can relax knowing your student is going to have the most engaging, educational experience ever!


Preschoolers At the Library

PAL is an early childhood education program set in Phillis Wheatley Library - a warm, open environment.  PAL teachers approach each student as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs.  Our small class size is great for keeping students safe while we help them over the hills and through the valleys of these growing years.

PALs are:
Between the age of 3 and 5
Actively learning everyday Monday - Friday 11am to 2pm
Phillis Wheatley Playmakers - someone who makes good things happen when their community needs them most.