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Marvelous Mind Academy

"our greatest responsibility is to our future; it is our mission to

leave the world better than we found it."  


Universities.  Health care organizations.   Tech companies.  retailers.  Start-ups.

Marvelous Mind Academy partners with employers to bring family care benefits to employees in the Greater Rochester Area. We're dedicated to supporting family care needs of your employees and would love to explore how our solutions could be tailored specifically for your business.

The world doesn’t stop when unexpected family care needs arise, and neither does your business. Marvelous Mind Academy provides your working families with trusted back-up care at a moment’s notice, reducing the cost of absenteeism and increasing productivity for your entire workforce.

We at Marvelous Mind Academy emphasize that every community member is a partner because we truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. 

 If you are a care provider who puts safety, learning and families first, partner with us to provide quality care to families when they need it most.  By joining our referral list, you will be able to expand your community impact, grow your client list and positively effect economic growth in your community.

It would be a privilege to add you as a member of our growing team.  


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